Rosanna Torres

Co-Chair, Communications

Rosanna Torres have been in public service for over nine years and have long stressed the importance of advocating on behalf of the people of Puerto Rico.

She currently serves as the primary advisor to Representative Nydia Velazquez on all Puerto Rico policy issues.  She closely monitors the island’s economic issues, including the most recent funding reductions to the University of Puerto Rico.  As part of her duties, she sits on the House Small Business Committee handling agriculture, technology, and manufacturing issues for democratic Members of the Committee.

Rosanna served as a Policy Advisor at the U.S. Department of the Treasury. She worked closely on the Federal Government’s response to Puerto Rico’s ongoing fiscal crisis, examining proposals, and providing substantive recommendations by writing memos to the Secretary, congressional testimonies, and preparing response letters on the status of the fiscal crisis and the appropriate policy responses.  Her efforts resulted in the passage of the Puerto Rico Oversight, Management and Economic Stability Act, a bipartisan law that prevented 3.5 million American citizens from losing access to essential services.

Prior to this role, she worked with the U.S. Office of Management and Budget which gave her an unique insight into the budget and appropriation process for multiple federal government agencies. While there, she had the opportunity to work in a one-month detail with the Office of Personnel Management during its controversial data breach crisis, and assisted in crafting the federal government’s response to all those affected.

Other roles include time at the U.S. Census Bureau and with Heidie Calero at HC Calero Consulting Group, a firm in Puerto Rico specializing in economic forecasts and analysis, where she had the opportunity to work with various local government entities and manage an in-house statistical database of monthly economic indicators.

Rosanna’s experiences, and strengths in relationship management, strategic communications, and program execution would bring valuable skills to UPRAA.  She will leverage UPRAA’s institutional standing and relationships with its alumni to help support and fund the University of Puerto Rico’s current funding gaps.  She believes that our diaspora is willing and able to give back to their alma mater through much needed financial support.