An UPRAA Love Story

The Association of the University of Puerto Rico Alumni Association and Friends Abroad (“UPRAA”) is the primary network dedicated to bringing together the alumni and friends of the University of Puerto Rico (“UPR”). Our organization is not-for-profit and composed solely of volunteers. Our events are hosted for the purpose of fostering interests common to our members, uniting our community and raising funds for our Hispanic Scholarship Fund. With the coming celebration of Valentine’s Day, we would like to share the love story of Carlos R. Pesquera and Bárbara (“Barbie”) Fas-Ramos.

Barbie and Carlos met in 2013 at an UPRAA membership event in Dupont Circle. It was a rainy Thursday afternoon and both of them almost decided not to attend. All of a sudden, the rained stopped and there were no excuses. Upon arrival to the networking event, they were introduced by mutual friends. After customary pleasantries, they both continued socializing with other people, each knowing that Cupid had smitten them. The night continued and Carlos found his way through the crowd back to Barbara, a move Barbara had been hoping for. After scheming a way to get Barbara’s number, Carlos invited her on a date. Seven countries, five road trips, and twelve “Wawa” trips later, they got engaged in Croatia and married in Puerto Rico in December.

About the newlyweds:
Barbara Fas-Ramos studied at the UPR at Mayagüez “Colegio” and was president of the Eta Gamma Delta (ETA) at UPR- Mayagüez.

Carlos R. Pesquera is a friend of the UPR and his family members are all graduates of the UPR. His sister graduated from the UPR Law School, while his parents are graduates of the UPR at Mayaguez, where his father was a professor in the School of Engineering.

UPRAA’s heart is its members, and this love story serves as a testimony of how powerful our network is.

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