2018 Combined Federal Campaign

UPRAA is a part of the​ 2018 Combined Federal Campaign

The University of Puerto Rico Alumni and Friends Abroad (UPRAA) is part of the 2018 Combined Federal Campaign (CFC). We invite all of our fellow federal workers to make extraordinary things possible with their CFC donations. Support UPRAA #44202 by making a generous contribution to our Hispanic Scholarship Fund through the Combined Federal Campaign. The 2018 CFC runs from September 10 through January 11, and donating is a simple, secure process.

Donating to the CFC Is Simple and Secure:

  1. Contribute online at www.cfcnca.org or complete a paper pledge form.
  2. Click on the DONATE button in the upper right corner of the page. (You can donate through payroll deduction, by credit/debit card, eCheck, cash, or check).
  3. Follow the payment method instructions. (DFAS My Pay, CFC NEXUS, EEX)

Remember to use our code: 44202

Please submit your donation today and help our students in Puerto Rico reach their educational goals!

Share the Love

We also ask you to spread the word to other UPR Alumni and Friends throughout your organization in an effort to support our Scholarship Fund with generous contributions. Together we can help Hispanic students achieve their educational dreams and aspirations. We have been able to provide over $180,000 in scholarships with donations from people like you.

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