2019 UPRAA Scholarship Winners Announced

UPRAA is pleased to announce the winners of the UPRAA Scholarship, Ford Fund STEM Scholarship and SolPad Electrical Engineering Scholarship for 2019.

We received many applications for UPRAA’s 2019 scholarship awards, and the quality of the submissions was outstanding. The personal essays and the letters of recommendation we received were truly inspiring.

A scholarship committee comprising members of UPRAA’s Board of Directors carefully reviewed each application and in-depth interviews were conducted with finalists. The 27 scholarship awards total $54,000.

“We ran this cycle in record time and awarded 27 students $2000 each in scholarships,” said Alida Rodriguez, Vice-President and Membership Committee Chair of UPRAA. “It is very hard work but equally rewarding when giving the good news to the students.”

Thanks to the generosity of the Ford Fund, UPRAA awarded 20 STEM scholarships to graduate and undergraduate students pursuing studies in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). SolPad generously funded scholarships for 3 students pursuing studies in Electrical Engineering at the University of Puerto Rico’s – Mayaguez Campus.

After much deliberation, it is our pleasure to share the full UPRAA Scholarship Class of 2019 with you:

Ford Fund Stem Scholarship Winners

Yashira Ortega-Sustache

Tanialy Rivera Santiago

Robert Rabelo Fernandez

Raymier J Quintana Cruz

Priamo Alexis Pichardo

Paola Marie Torres

Osmary Oyola

Milgeralis Miranda-Melecio

Lucero Roman Medina

Liz Jelian De Jesus

Lisa Victoria Gonzalez Espada

Kevin David Correa

Kenneth Mael Serrano Rodriguez

Kathleen Nicole Morales Sanchez

Jose Ivan Tieso Echevarria

Gabriel E Torres

Eduardo Manuel Llegus Santiago

Darma Alexandra Ramos

Carmen Milagros Pérez

Andrea Nicole Rodríguez Lassalle

SolPad Electrical Engineering Scholarship Winners

Edwin Jose Claudio

Patricia Romero Cruz

Dariana M. Ramos

UPRAA Scholarship Winners

Genesis Nelmaries Davila Santiago

Stephanie Ortiz-Troche

Luis D Alfaro Perez

Axel Melendez Mercado

UPRAA congratulates each of the 27 recipients and extends its gratitude once again to the Ford Fund and SolPad. These scholarships would not be possible without their continuous support.

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